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Can Transplant breakthrough help people with HIV?

06 August, 2020 Anugraha Iyer

In the 1980’s a disease that was a death sentence and which was frowned upon has come to a stage where t saves lives, yes you heard that right, people with HIV are now saving lives, when we look back if a person with HIV donates their organ, It was considered a federal crime , now believe me that there has been a medical breakthrough, where the first successful kidney transplant from a living organ donor who was diagnosed with HIV was made possible, medical miracles do happen, after all, so let us know all about this greatest thing the scientists and doctors have given to the world.

First –of –its kind procedure:

Six years ago HIV-TO-HIV transplants weren’t legal, but all that changed entirely after the passing of HIV organ policy equity (HOPE) act. The organ transplants procedures where the HIV positive people are the donors to the recipients , is the first of its kind , a medical team had successfully transplanted a kidney to a recipient who shall remain unnamed from the 35 year old Nina Martinez who was tested positive for HIV , this procedure was performed last year in the John Hopkins medicine in the united states  Nina’s organ was implanted by a separate team of  surgeons which was quite the normal procedure of transplantation , this was performed by niraj desai, a professor at the john Hopkins , the receives kidney was implanted in the recipients’ pelvis through an incisions in the abdomen , the recipient’s kidneys weren’t removed , the recipient can expect a life span of 30 to 40 years, after that they might need another transplant or a they can go back to dialysis , the patients Nina Martinez and the recipient were under anti-retroviral medication to control their HIV , because they might have different virus strains and different resistance , the recipient will also take drugs to prevent organ rejection, now buying medicines made easy with the best online pharmacy who delivers medicines at your doorstep and quickly

What were the obstacles to this breakthrough?

HIV can cause major health conditions like kidney disease, but with the improvement of anti-retroviral treatments, people who have HIV can live a normal life span now. HIV-HIV transplants have been made before, but only from the donors who are deceased, but this breakthrough can be a game-changer, this is really an added hope for people living with HIV and is in need of organ donation.

An important need:

Organ transplants can be difficult, even for a person without HIV, There are more than 113,000 people nationwide who are on waiting list for an organ transplant, living donors can help bridge the gap for people on the list who are waiting for organs from deceased donors, since the hope act got approved, 116 kidney and liver transplants have taken place from HIV-HIV patients. People with HIV have a higher risk of renal disease, there will be a lot of question raising, but it can be addressed if we move forward, which can lead to perfect the ways of HIV-to-HIV organ transplants

People’s misconception about HIV:

This breakthrough can also modify people’s perception about the disease and organ transplants, till date there are certain myths and misconception about HIV, this breakthrough changes the understanding that the people with HIV can only live and thrive, but now they can even donate an organ, there is a lot of campaign around, which lifts up all the misconceptions about HIV, this also includes treatment t and preventive methods like pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), this pill can be used by people who are at risk of contracting HIV, you can buy trusted and authentic medicines from the best online medical store, to ensure that you are receiving your medicines quickly and hassle-free. We still haven’t found a cure for HIV, but this breakthrough can increase the belief of people that this is a good thing for society.


This procedure was first of its kind in the USA and it was a very successful transplant from an HIV positive organ donor to another HIV positive recipient, this breakthrough lifted the ban on getting transplants from decreased HIV positive donors, this can open up new pathways for people with HIV to receive the needed organs, it can also underscore our society’s de-stigmatization of HIV, So to answer our question is organ transplant breakthrough can definitely help people with HIV, this can be a savior to a lot of people.