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Varicella Or Chicken Pox - Symptoms, Causes & Diagnosis

05 August, 2020 Rajanya Manna

The human body is a complex biological structure and is vulnerable to many kinds of diseases and infections. A person in his lifetime may come across a variety of illnesses. Some are curable while some are not. Some are transmissible while some are not. Some caused by viruses and bacteria whereas others caused by organ damage. Therefore, it is important that we look after our bodies and try to be healthy and fit and keep away diseases. 

One such disease is the Varicella or Chicken Pox. Previously, as people in the developing and underdeveloped countries lived in extremely unhygienic and unhealthy environments, they were very often attracted by this disease. This disease is caused particularly by the virus Varicella - zoster. First, the person usually has some sort of flu. Then, small blisters start appearing on the body. Within a few days, the entire body is filled with blisters. The person is likely to feel itching and irritated for the entire time.

This is a contagious disease, and generally, if anyone in a family gets affected, all members are like to face it gradually. The condition becomes worse when the itching starts, because, it becomes impossible to rub the skin to get relief because, the whole body is filled with blisters. There are no real medicines available to cure the disease, however, there are lotions and medicines which might provide a little relief from the terrible itching. Medicines can be bought from the best online pharmacy 3MEDS. This condition is can last for a month almost. Then, gradually, the skin peels off from the blisters, and the person recovers. 

Symptoms of Chicken Pox - 

* At first, the person is likely to have a sore throat, cold and a headache.

* This is followed by fever and the person feels very weak. The fever may be really serious and may go up to 103 ° Fahrenheit. 

* Red Mark's appear on various parts of the body and starts itching. It becomes irresistible to control.

* This then spreads to the entire body and small lumps start appearing.

* Within, one or two days, the entire body gets filled with these lumps and the person is unable to move or do any of his daily work.

* He or she is likely to feel very tired and has no taste.

* The itching and the rashes are extremely discomforting and make the situation worse. 

* After ten to fifteen days, these lumps become dry. 

* Gradually, the skin peels off and the person feels better as the day passes. 

* However, the spots of the lumps remain for some time. It may take one to two years for the spots to go, or sometimes, one or two of them even can remain for life.

The Contagious Nature of the Virus - 

As already mentioned, this disease is extremely contagious and discomforting. Actually, the virus becomes active before two to three days of the appearance of the lumps. This virus spreads through mere touch or through the air. People with symptoms should be kept isolated and not allowed to meet a lot of people, because, the virus may spread through saliva or touch. However, even then, there are possibilities that the entire family may get affected. Also, it is very important to wash the hands thoroughly before eating. 

Causes of Chicken Pox - 

Mainly, the virus Varicella - zoster is the main cause of chickenpox. It is mainly found in the neurons in human ganglia. After being active and causing chickenpox in people, it generally becomes passive and retreats and remains in the tissues near the spinal cord or brains. As the person gets affected, the condition deteriorates day by day, until the lumps become dry and peel off. Therefore this is the virus that causes chickenpox. 

Treatment of Chicken Pox - 

Based on the mentioned symptoms, chickenpox can be identified. It can also be confirmed by carrying out a blood test. However, the situation becomes even more difficult, if a pregnant woman gets affected. This not only affects her health, but the health of the baby as the unborn child may already develop the conditions. Such people have to be extremely careful and take proper care and medication to avoid any complications. One can always get medicines from 3MEDS, as they provide 24 hours of home delivery services

The best way to prevent the spread of the disease to any family member or be safe in isolation. It is advised that the affected person stays in a separate room with everything separate, as this could stop the virus from spreading. There is a varicella vaccine available in some countries for the prevention of the disease. This helps to recover faster than usual. As the itching is very disturbing, therefore it is recommended that neem leaves be applied on the lumps to get relief. Also, some calamine creams are available which does the job.


Therefore, Varicella is a contagious disease and not easily curable. It takes time to recover and discomfort out of the lumps and the rashes are kind of intolerable. Lotions or neem leaves could be applied to get some relief.