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Why 3MEDS is the Best Healthcare Application in the Industry?

12 June, 2020 Varun Chaturvedi

There are a million soft internet users in India. There will be 50 million more internet users in the next 3 years according to history. Having access to the internet opens the door to many kinds of possibilities. There was a time when the internet was merely used for informative purposes. Gradually, the scenario has changed now. It is used for bank transactions, buying clothes, taking classes, buying groceries and online consultations for various purposes. Nowadays, the entertainment industry is using internet platforms like youtube for the audience. We are adapting ourselves with modern approaches. So, why not, we should adapt ourselves with the modern boons of healthcare industry?.

Old Trend  

Usually, a person goes to the nearest chemist shop to buy medicines. He needs to show the prescription then the pharmacists take a look at the medicines and give you the medicines or the substitutes. But during the whole process, the person is unaware of the rates of the medicines which opens up a possibility of paying more than necessary. 

New Trend  

The new trend in buying medicine is easy and swift. A person downloads an application lets say 3Meds and then he can upload the prescription, that prescription is viewed by a licensed pharmacist. He validates the drugs and chooses the best genuine medicine. He then ensures the storage before delivery of the medicines and then the medicines will be delivered at your doorstep. 

What is 3Meds? 

3Meds is an online health care company based in Delhi. In today’s world, people feel more convenient to buy medicines online through a few clicks. It is more convenient than taking a trip to the chemist shop especially during the time of COVID-19. 3Meds is a solution provider will help to get prescription medicines and other medical products at a budgeted price in all over the country. 

The Mission of 3Meds 

Its mission is to become the first choice of people for their health and wellness needs. 3 Meds are constantly trying to understand the needs and exceed their expectations. 

3Meds User Interface 

When you will download this app it will merely use 1.0 Mb of your mobile space. So, unlike other app 3Meds takes minimum space. When the app will be installed you will login. The easiest way to order medicines is to upload the prescription through your file manager. And if there is a non-prescription drug then you can type the name of the drug on the search bar which can be seen right at the centre position of the application. 

3Meds Medicine Review 

Any medicine which you want to buy there are two ways to get them. Either you can upload the prescription or you can type the name of the medicine. The desired medicines are being reviewed by the licensed pharmacists and he checks the inventories to bring the best genuine medicines for you. 

The medicines at 3Meds are safe, affordable and reliable. Customer Servicing philosophy gives value to the customers and their loyalty. So, the experience of online shopping experience is superior. 

3Meds Discount Options 

This is the most interesting part. Usually, offline pharmacies can only give discounts up to 15-18 % but online pharmacies can give discount more than 18 %. But when we compare the rates of all the discount given by any online pharmacy 3Meds gives the highest discount which is 23 per cent. This makes 3 Meds Best medicine store online in India.


Whenever you order medicines from 3Meds. The payment can be done through Online methods or cash on delivery. The transaction done through online channels are completely secure. The data you enter there is completely discreet and you don’t have to worry about any online theft or fraud. 3Meds use the country’s best cybersecurity methods to safeguard its customers’ transaction online. 

In a nutshell, the concepts of 3 Meds to act as the first party and acting as an intermediate between the third party and consumer(second party). The first party works with the licensed pharmacies (third party ), and hen they provide door to door services.