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Urinary Tract Infection (UTI): Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

31 July, 2020 Gehna Kapoor

A urinary tract infection or UTI is an infection in any part or organ in the urinary system of the body. This includes kidneys, bladder, ureters and urethra. When a bacteria enters your body and travels to your bladder, then a urinary tract infection can develop. Women are generally more susceptible to developing UTIs than men.

Urine is one of the ways through which the body gets rid of the waste products. The kidney filters the blood and makes the urine which is then stored in the bladder. The bladder is emptied by urinating. The whole process is unidirectional which prevents the infections but sometimes, the bacteria can enter through urine and travel up to the bladder and cause infection.

Causes of UTI

Very tiny microscopic bacteria are always present in our environment and on our bodies. This includes the area around the vagina and rectum. This bacteria can enter the urine through the urethra and thus travel into the bladder. In worst cases, it may even travel to the kidney. The following are some of the causes of UTI:

1.      Having gone through menopause: Women who have gone through menopause are more susceptible to UTIs as they do not have the protection provided by estrogen. Estrogen can lower the chances of getting a UTI.

2.      You are more susceptible to developing a UTI if use has recently used equipment like a tube to drain fluid from the body. Foreign objects may not be sanitized and can contain disease-causing bacteria.

3.      Kidney Stones

4.      Diabetes: Diabetes patients are more susceptible to developing UTIs than others.

5.      Pregnancy

Signs and Symptoms of UTI

If the bacteria has traveled up to the bladder, then the following symptoms can be seen:

1.      Burning sensation while urinating

2.      Increased frequency and urgency of urination

3.      Passing blood in the urine

4.      Dark-colored urine

5.      Pelvic pain women and rectal pain in men

If the bacteria has reached the kidney, then the stage is called upper tract UTI. Some of the symptoms of upper tract UTI are:

1.      Pain in the upper back

2.      Fever

3.      Feeling nauseated

4.      Vomiting

From kidney, if the bacteria then enters the bloodstream, it can cause urosepsis which involves low blood pressure, shook, and even death.

Diagnosis and Treatment

A UTI can be diagnosed through various tests and the doctor can determine the cause. In most, it is bacteria though viruses and fungi can also cause it.

UTIs are mostly treated by used antibiotics and antivirals. They can be easily purchased online on 3MEDS which is the best online pharmacy in India. It is committed to providing reliable, genuine, and affordable medicines and other medical essentials to all.

How to prevent UTIs?

1. Pee as soon as you feel the urge to urinate. Holding it in can cause problems and diseases.

2. Drink as least 8 glasses or 2 liters of water every day.

3. Choose showers over baths, especially in foreign bathrooms like hotels.

4.      Clean your genitals before having sex and pee afterward to get rid of the bacteria that may have entered your body.

5.      Some of the contraceptives like spermicides and unlubricated condoms can also cause UTIs. Switching to other alternatives is the best option.

6. Loose cotton inner-wear is the best as it does not allow the sweat to collect. Bacteria need moisture to grow. Wearing loose and cotton inner-wear can keep the pubic area dry and prevent infection.


UTIs are caused when a microbe, mostly bacteria, enters the body through urine and travels to the bladder. There are two basic stages of the infection: lower tract UTI and upper tract UTI. If the bacteria has only traveled till the bladder, then it is called lower tract UTI. Some of the symptoms are a pain in the pelvic and rectal area, burning sensation while urinating, and dark-colored urine. If the bacteria has reached the kidney, then it is called upper tract UTI, and the symptoms involve vomiting and back pain. A UTI can be easily treated by antibiotics if the symptoms are recognized in time and the treatment is started immediately.

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