Positive Impact of Covid-19

27 July, 2020 Khushi Agarwal

That time has finally arrived, when the earth is vaccinating itself,

The toxic human bustle succumbs to rest but not by themselves!

They need some help from a virus to blame it upon,

They are trapped in their homes, only because of their own action!

Quarantining made my family unite again,

Well, dad, you lost at ludo again!

Never thought doing chores would be so much fun,

But my respect for the everyday workers increased a ton!

The day we clapped and cheered for the selfless superheroes,

Gave me literal goosebumps from my head to my toes!

We came in this together, 

We will fight it together!

Make a difference by staying at home,

For you know you are not in this alone 

This was a short poem to avoid the meltdown during the lockdown! However, seeing just the negative side will make us feel more sad. Everything in this world is not completely black or white, it is a shade of grey. It is our hands, how we look into the current situation. So why not use this power in a positive way!

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

Everyone is frustrated nowadays because of Coronavirus (Covid-19). Some lost their jobs, family member, and some people are struggling for a meal. In the end, we can say everyone is affected by this Chinese virus called Corona COVID-19. 

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Now, what should we do? We should not take any action ourselves, follow all the instructions given by the government, and stay at home until we have not very important work. 

Everyone talking about the dark side of COVID-19, no one highlights the positive side of this virus. Today I want to share some positive views which are possible only by this virus, otherwise, we can't imagine it!

5 Positive Impact of COVID-19

1. Nature Thriving

We all are at our home for a long time. Nobody is going anywhere. It has a direct impact on our environment. The environment around us has become clear, the water of rivers has been cleared. The reason for this is that the vehicle is not running on the road, factories are closed due to corona.

On April 3rd, residents of Jalandhar, Punjab woke up to a view of the Dhauladhar mountain range. Distance between these places nearly around 213 kilometers. People from Jalandhar claimed that the incident took place almost after 30 years. This thing happened just because of lockdown due to COVID-19.

Water bodies have also been clearing and the rivers Yamuna and Ganga have seen significant improvement since the enforcement of a nationwide lockdown.

2. A chance to be With Family

People who were away from their home due to jobs and other reasons, they are now at their home and spending time with family. This too has been possible due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) because most of the companies do not allow employees to work at home in the normal days.

3. Time to Improve Skills

Till now, many of us had a complaint, we did not get time to learn new things and improve our skills. But from the last few months, we have a lot of time. Now we can focus on our skills, learn new things which can help us to achieve new milestones. 

4. Spirit of Helping people in this disaster: people help needy with full effort and dedication without any distinction and it shows humanity. 

5. We all are Equal for Nature: All most from the last 2 months everyone at their home. Rich or poor, great or small, this virus has impacted all of us, and nature treats us equally.

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Lastly, a big thanks to all the workers and doctors who are working relentlessly for our well-being. Don't leave any excuse to feel blessed by the amount of safety they ensure you. Make sure to have gratitude as they are working nonstop to keep everyone safe and protected at their home!