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What Are The Antibodies And How Do They Find The Dieaseas

24 July, 2020 Rashi Batra

Our body works like the mechanism of an armed force. And the antibodies in our body are like the soldiers at the border, who fight to safeguard their territory. Their sole aim is to fight the foreign substances or the enemy invader for the regular working of the body. When these antibodies fail or couldn’t fight the invader groups, it enters our body, causing us to fall ill.

What Are Antibodies?

Antibodies can be defined as specialized Y- shaped proteins which are mainly produced by plasma cells that are used by the immune system to neutralize pathogens mainly pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Whenever the antibodies find or detect an antigen (an antigen can be any foreign substances including, disease-causing organisms or toxic materials such as insect venom), it latches onto them and tries to remove them from the body. As antibodies grow and spread they attack and neutralize the antigens.

How Do Antibodies Work?

The binding of an antibody with a toxin is called an antitoxin. By attaching themselves with microbes, other antibodies prevent them from entering. This antibody-coated antigen is subject to a chemical chain reaction with a compliment. This either results in bursting of the invading microbe or attracts scavenger cells that ingest the microbe.

It is teamwork by antibodies and B cells, which performs the function of immunity, which involves recognizing the invader and producing a large number of proteins that scour the body to remove the antigens from the body.

B- cells distinguish antigens on the basis of proteins, called antigen receptors. The antigen receptor is nothing but a protein that is not secreted but anchored on the B cell protein. All receptors on one B cell are identical but if found on another B cell, they may differ. However the basic structure is similar, variation occurs while antigen- binding or antibody combining. The first type of antibody to form after you are exposed to a virus is IgM, whose presence can be seen within 7 to 10 days after exposure.

The body uses these T-cells (another type of white cells) to cross-check targets — only if both a B-cell and a T-cell recognize something as a foreign invader will an immune response be triggered. The body is supposed to remove B-cells that make so-called auto-antibodies, which react to the body’s own cells. But when that doesn’t happen, the body may mark its own cells for destruction and then relentlessly eliminate them. Autoimmune diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or  Type 1 Diabetes can result.

What are Monoclonal Antibodies? 

Antibodies form the basis for many medicines. To create monoclonal antibodies, what is needed to be done? The researchers basically vaccinate an animal to stimulate the production of antibodies against a particular substance. After which the body slowly builds antibodies that are more effective against the antigen. These antibodies producing cells are then separated and then fused with blood cancer cells to create something called a hybridoma. It keeps on producing and thus never stops. Resort to online modes and buy medicines and healthcare products online.

In the current pandemic, doctors all across the world are striving to create monoclonal antibodies to fight against Covid-19.

How Do Antibodies Tests Works?

It detects whether a body has produced enough antibodies or not. It also checks whether the person is infected by that bacteria or virus in the past or not. Usually, these tests are detecting IgM and IgG.

SARS CoV-2 tests detect either part or all spike proteins. It also tests whether the person has ever been infected by it in the past or not. Since antibodies take time to ramp up, they are only detected positive after 15 days when they were exposed to the pathogen. 3meds is an online pharmacy in India, that provides medicine at cheap rates.


Therefore we now know how these antibodies work and function, it is necessary to know how our body functions. It helps in getting healthy and fit again.