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Fungal Infections: Types and Causes

23 July, 2020 Vaidehi Palsokar

The fungus is a primitive organism and it is found in mushroom, mold, mildew some of the eg. Fungi lives in air, soil, or plants and in water too. Some of them also live in the human body. You are more likely to get one if you have a weak immune system or you are on a dose of antibiotics, they are most difficult to kill and they are rarely harmful.

If you get an infection on your skin or in nail you can apply for medicines directly on the infected areas for a cure.

Some of the most common fungal infections are:-

Athlete’s foot

This infection affects the foot and it is related to sports and athletics because this infection is caused in moist places like socks, shoes and locker rooms. Its effect is mostly stronger in warmer and summer climate as it can multiply very quickly anyone can be affected by it.


·     Peeling of skin

·     Cracking of skin

·     Itching and burning sensation with redness

Yeast Infection

Vaginal yeast infections are something every woman goes through once in their lives it is a common form of candida overgrowth in women usually caused by Candida Albicans.

There is a disturbance in the balance of bacteria because of candida and this imbalance is caused due to hormonal imbalamce, stress, poor eating habits, a dose of antibiotics.

Go through my other blog on 3MEDS on how to keep your vagina health which would prevent you from catching and yeast infection.


·     Redness and itching around the vagina

·     Swollen vagina

·     Rashes around the vagina

Get yourself an intimate wash for precautions and you can buy it from any medical store near you.

Jock Itch

This is another skin infection and this is found of the warmest and moist environment so it also grows on to your body parts which are moist areas like inner thighs, buttocks, and groin. This more common in countries which are humid, warm and in summer.

This is spread through direct contact with the person or an object having a jock itch infection.


  • irritation, itching, and burning in infected areas
  • dry peeling of infected skin
  • redness in buttocks and thighs


This is also a skin infection and which is usually caused because of dead tissues, such as hair, skin, and nails. Ringworm is a fungus because of which athlete’s foot and jock itch is also caused.


·     A ringed shape area mostly on buttocks, arms, trunk, and legs

·     Itchy

·     A scaly area inside the ring with some red bumps.

·     Raised and expanding rings

·     A round-shaped flat patch of itchy skin

·     Rings can overlap too.

Following are few of the creams you can use to cure ringworm

·         Naftifine

·         Terbinafine

·         Butenafine

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·     Maintain your hygiene very well by taking daily showers

·     Change your clothes underwears regularly and wash them properly

·     Change socks frequently

·     Take a shower after playing sports

·     Wash hands before and after eating properly

·     Avoid using each other’s clothes in summer

Risk Factor:

There is no any special category of people those who are at more risk at getting fungal infections it can happen to anyone as it is present in the environment and people breathe lots of fungal bacteria every day without getting sick so that is why it is also not that harmful or risky and causes through air and water. Still, people who have a weak immune system or people working at high humid temperature or into playing regular sports.


Fungal infections are thou not that risky but during current situation, we cannot afford to be careful because the air we are breathing right now is life-threatening for us, so look for the symptoms if you see in yourself of any fungal infection seek medical attention from the best health care facilities immediately and to avoid intake of these infections at first take proper care and preventions.