Pitfalls of Dieting

23 July, 2020 Priyanka

Dieting is a basic thing that has been in trend for a while and people used to think that if he'll do diet then it will sound like some high-class things and there will be able to lose weight. The misconception of the diet is that they can lose weight, no that won't help you to lose w'\';'\;

eight, dieting includes so many things that are harmful to your body. One should not go for dieting in order to Lose weight instead you can work hard and burn out your calories while consuming other a lot of more nutrients for your body. So it better not to Opt for dieting and you should remove the misconception of dieting from your mind.

Pitfalls of dieting

There are so many disadvantages one can face by doing dieting some of them will be explained below:-

1. Lack of nutrients
2. Fatigue
3. Acne and skin infection
4. Weakness
5. Food intolerance
6. Digestion problems
7. Health issues

Lack of Nutrients

One should never go for dieting as dieting can cause lack of nutrients in your body as long as you will diet, you are bound to have some of the particular food that will be trusted by the dietitian and that can be only consumption of these pulses, boiled and another sort of food which will cause deficiency of some proper amount of minerals and nutrients as required by the body so in order to that you shouldn't go for dieting in any condition.


The major issue one body suffers from dieting is that you can be unconscious at any point in his life, anywhere you go so it is better for you to eat a healthy amount of food and a sufficient amount of food for your body instead of getting faint anywhere. You can get your required ayurvedic and wellness products on India's best online pharmacy.

You shouldn't do dieting because dieting can be equally harmful for your body as obesity and can be even much for harmful than obesity because dieting can cause you to faint anywhere you go because of your exhaustion and tiredness and lack of amount of nutrients in your body.

Acne and Skin Infection

When you are doing dieting one should set to eat a particular amount of food which can generate heat in your body as long as more amount of heat will generate in your body will cause acne and the skin infections which can directly deteriorate your skin and health as well it can have a drastic and negative impact , even long-term impact on your body so dieting shouldn't be considered in any form.


Many mothers after having a baby or two think that they are being fatty or some girlfriends try to impress their boys , because of teenage and looks and they tend to do dieting in order to compete with other girls as well.

One shouldn't do to impress someone else or to look better but you should take care of your health at first place as it can cause weakness in your body , mother after giving birth is much weaker than before as it consumes a baby and all the essential nutrients of your body is consumed by the baby and not by you so they shouldn't keep that thing in mind to do dieting or losing weight for being in figure instead they should eat more food and essential nutrients for their empty spaces to be filled and their body to stay healthy and toned. Get your medicines delivered anywhere in Delhi within 24 hours with online chemist app.

Food Intolerance

As long as you will do dieting it will also impact your digestive system and cause food intolerance in your body's some people tend to do vomiting by urging and purging which is not a good thing and it can affect your metabolism and the problem will be permanent as your body will be habitual of having those light fibre fruits or vegetables only and you won't be able to do heavy eating and sufficient amount of eating for your body as it won't be tolerated by your body because of more time period of consuming low fibre food.

Health Issues

Another problem is that dieting can have health issues you will having vomiting problem, digestion problem, excretory problems, food intolerance, headache acne weakness and so many other issues that's why it is better for you not to opt for dieting as it has major pitfalls and also negative and lasting impact on your body which can last forever and ever instead you should eat much amount of sufficient nutrients for a body.

If not dieting then what?

The question arises that if not dieting then what should be done in order to improve or Lose weight.
The simple answer is workout or exercise and work out on the basic things which can maintain your body fitness and can maintain your figure and body in tune and in improper condition, one shouldn't do dieting. If you are leisure and the lazy person then you won't go for exercise, workout on the instance and will prefer dieting but that's not the choice if you don't want to do work out then you can do household Chaos like washing clothes, bringing fruits from the market and other walking tasks and swiping floor, wiping activities in your house in order to maintain your body active and tuned. As long as one will consume the calories one should be able to burn those calories through walk after dinner, or early morning walk, it can have an impact on your body and let you stay healthy and tuned instead of dieting this is the best thing you can do for your body in order to maintain your health.


At last, it can be concluded that dieting isn't good for your health as it doesn't have the proper amount of intake of food for the satisfaction level of your body or that are sufficient for your body and it has major pitfalls in negative impact so it is suggested to do workout and exercises instead of dieting for your health and weight control.