Shivya Soni
Raw Milk Consumption: Risks and Benefits

Milk may be a nutritious food that gives protein, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Prior to the introduction of pasteurization within the early- to mid-1900s, all milk was consumed raw in its natural, unpro...

Pooja Kumari
Top 10 Yoga Poses For A Better Life

Yoga is Extremely Beneficial for your physical as well as mental health. In the beginning, you may not do it for hours but try to start with 10 to 15 minutes and gradually you will be able to increase the tim...

Ayesha Khanam
Septicemia: Risk Factors, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

Septicemia is a severe bloodstream disease. It's also recognized as blood poisoning. Septicemia happens when a bacterial infection elsewhere in the body and enters the bloodstream from the lungs or skin, Th...

Amya Prasad
Testicular Cancer: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Testicular cancer happens in the balls (testicles), which are situated inside the scrotum, a free sack of skin underneath the penis. The balls produce male sex hormones and sperm for a generation. Contrasted ...

Virali Mehta
Muscle Spasticity- Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

When the muscles tend to compress, become stiff, or twitch involuntary its called spasticity. This spasticity can make certain activities difficult like walking, talking, or moving. It can be uncomfortable as w...

Kritika Tak
How to Deal With Workout Injuries and Ways to Avoid It?

Introduction: An injury is a sportsperson nightmare moreover each one of them tries to dodge this bullet as far as possible. Not only sportsperson if you are a workout enthusiast or a trainer then even you g...

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