Janvi Patel
Pituitary Cancer : Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

The pituitary gland which is seen is a small and bean-shaped gland that is situated at the base of the brain region along with it somewhat behind the nose and between the ears of the individual. Despite the sma...

Atheeva Santosh
What is Dissociative Identity Disorder?

You might be more familiar with the former name of dissociative identity disorder; which is multiple personality disorder. It is a mental disorder where the patient loses connection with reality due to dis...

Anugraha Lyer
Menopause And Women Health, What You Need To Know?

Women face a lot of difficulties when it comes to their health and mind, and the situation is even worse if they are working and their lifestyle is completely unhealthy and hectic, working women hardly find tim...

Gehna Kapoor
Breastfeeding During Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer is rare in lactating women and in women who are in pre-menopausal age. Only 3 percent of the breast cancer cases are of nursing women. At the same time, there are many precautions one should take ...

Swathy Satheesh
Sleep Paralysis - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and diagnosis

Sleep paralysis is a parasomnia or an undesired occasion that is related to sleep. It happens soon after nodding off or after arousing toward the beginning of the day, in the time among waking and sleep. Scenes...

Garima Choudhary
Dehydration - You Must Be Aware

Dehydration occurs because you are consuming or losing more fluid than you are getting, and the body has less water and other fluids that it uses. You would be dehydrated if you do not replace a lack of fluids....

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