Riya Vaja
Crouzon Syndrome - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

What is Crouzon Syndrome? It is a rare genetic birth disorder that prevents the skull from growing normally and commonly causes abnormalities of the head and neck. It is further characterized by Craniosynost...

Samadrita Chanda
Tetanus:- Causes ,Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

  Tetanus may be a serious but preventable bacterial infection that affects the nerves. Transmission is most frequently the result of a puncture wound that has the bacterium quick access into the bo...

Gallbladder Diseases: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The gallbladder is a small organ that sits beneath the liver. It contains bile, and through digestion releases it into the small intestine. Bile is a secretion formed by the liver that is yellowish. It helps b...

Nisar Malik
Pompe Disease: Symtoms, Causes, and Treatments

When your body is unable to make the protein that breaks down glycogen, a complex sugar for energy, this situation is called Pompe disease that is also known as glycogen storage disease type II this is the diso...

Prashasti Jauhari
10 Home Remedies to Cure Headache - 3meds

Almost every one of us has experienced a headache due to some of the other reasons. Many people experience a headache in their daily life. It can get really unbearable and might need medical attention. Deali...

Top 10 Trends Shaping the Retail Pharmacy Business for 2020

A retail pharmacy is a drug store in which medications and health products are sold to patients, contradictory to a hospital drug store. The pharmacy industry has highly developed in the country.   1...

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