Ayesha Khanam
Jock Itch:Risk Factor, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Jock itch is a type of fungal infection of the skin also known as the tinea crisis, which belongs to a group of fungal skin infection -Tinea. It is caused by mold-like fungi which are also known ...

Samadrita Chanda
Acne (Pimples): Causes, Hormonal Factors and Treatments

  Overview The spots and pimples which result from a chronic inflammatory skin condition are termed as acne. Acne can occur on the face neck chest upper arms as well as shoulders. There are vario...

Nikita Kumari Lakra
Hemochromatosis: Causes & Symptoms

What Do You Mean By Hemochromatosis? Hemochromatosis is an ailment that makes individuals retain a lot of iron from their eating routine. It aggregates around the body after some time, harming numerous organ...

Vitika Prakash
What is a Standard Blood Pressure? - 3meds

The pressure exerted by the flow of blood is thought of as force per unit area. We will discuss what force per unit area is, however it’s measured, and what the measurements mean for our health. Wha...

Kajal Bhavsar
Tennis Elbow: Symptoms, Causes, Risks, and, Treatment

What is Tennis elbow? Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis is a painful condition in which tendons in your elbow are getting overloaded, the causes could be repetitive motions of the arm and ...

Everything You Need to Know About Cancer - 3meds

Cancer allows cells to divide uncontrollably which results in tumors, immune system damage, and other fatal impairment. It is a broad term and describes the illness that caused due to cellular changes results i...

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