Tonsil Stones: Diagnosis, Signs , and treatment

Calcified masses that may grow on the palatine tonsils are tonsil stones, also known as tonsilloliths. Three forms of tonsils exist: Palatine on the side of your body At the back of the throat-pharyngea...

Pooja Kumari
Warts: Types, Symptoms, and Treatment

Raised bumps on your skin which are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) are known as warts. These bumps are small non-cancerous growths, the HPV virus triggers the extra cell growth which may make the oute...

Sneha Lokwani
Pneumonia: Diagnosis, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs, which causes inflammation in the alveoli which is filled with the fluid or pus and making it difficult to breathe. This disease is contagious, as it can get a pass from p...

Deepika Chakraborty
Online Apps: An Exciting Online Pharma Option

Introduction: Every minute, a new online app is being launched. The development of the mobile phone industry has played a big role in the app revolution. A greater part of the Indian population is now using ...

Syed Zubair
Everything You Want to Know About Migraine

What is a Migraine: A migraine is a neurological complication where we see multiple symptoms in the patient. The most common characteristics of this complication are the intense and severe headaches that acc...

Swathy Satheesh
Rabies: Types, Symptoms & Causes - 3meds

Rabies is a fatal infection spread to individuals from the salivation of tainted creatures. The rabies infection is typically sent through a bite. Creatures well on the way to send rabies in the United States i...

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