A Guide To Erectile Dysfunction : Causes, Symptoms And Cure!

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What is Erectile Dysfunction?

The kind of sexual disorder which is characterized by the inability of a male to withhold or maintain an erection during sexual activities is known as Erectile Dysfunction. Men above the age of 40, from time to time have been experiencing Erectile dysfunction due to several reasons.


What are the causes contributing to Erectile Dysfunction?

Attaining an erection is often a complex process involving the hormones, brain, muscles, blood vessels, and stable mental health. A disorder in any one of these may lead to a failure in erection and hence Erectile Dysfunction during sexual activities.

The best healthcare service provider in India mentions below some of the common causes of erectile dysfunction

  • cardiovascular or heart disease
  • diabetes or hypertension /high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol and obesity issues
  • Hormonal imbalances like low testosterone levels
  • Renal diseases
  • Old age
  • stress, anxiety, and depression
  • relationship problems
  • certain medications which are used to treat high blood pressure or depression
  • Sleeping irregularities
  • Excessive drug use
  • Consumption of alcohol and tobacco products
  • A number of health conditions, such as multiple sclerosis (MS) or Parkinson’s disease
  • Significant damage to the pelvic area through surgery or injury
  • Peyronie’s disease, which results in the development of scar tissue in the penis.


What are Symptoms associated with Erectile Dysfunction?

A person may be suffering from Erectile Dysfunction if there is a regular-

  • Trouble getting an erection along with difficulty in maintaining an erection during sexual activities.
  • Reduced or varied interest in sex.

A number of other sexual disorders related to Erectile Dysfunction include:

  • Premature or delayed ejaculation.
  • Anorgasmia is the inability to achieve orgasm even after ample amounts of stimulation.

It's very important to visit a doctor if a person has any of these symptoms or if the symptoms have lasted for more than two months. The best online pharmacy in India says that physicians can help determine whether the symptoms are caused by any underlying condition that requires treatment or can be dealt with home remedies and cures.


Diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction -

Testing for Erectile Dysfunction includes-

Physical Examination where the doctor would check the blood pressure, heart rate, and examine the testicles and penis.

The psychological questionnaire involves detailed information about symptoms, health history, orgasm rate, sexual history, etc.

Ultrasound to examine the blood vessels of the penis and the penile blood flow.

(NPT) Nocturnal penile tumescence test to evaluate the quality of nocturnal erections.

Urine and blood test to check for conditions such as diabetes, thyroid or other hormonal issues.


Various treatment procedures of Erectile Dysfunction-

TRT is Testosterone replacement therapy can be used to enhance sexual performance and reduce the problem of Erectile Dysfunction.


A number of different psychological factors affect the erection process and hence talk to a psychologist may prove beneficial.


Vacuum pumps can be used to stimulate the erection process by maintaining the erection, holding the blood in the penis and preventing it from returning to circulation.

A number of aerobic exercises, yoga, swimming can increase blood flow and help with Erectile Dysfunction.


A number of oral medications and supplements stimulate blood flow to the penis and help treat Erectile Dysfunction. You can buy all prescription drugs online from the best medicine delivery app in India. Medications like Avanafil, Viagra, Tadalafil, Levitra, Staxyn, Alprostadil, etc can be used only after doctor's recommendation.


Ayurveda to the cure of erectile dysfunction-

Ayurveda, the science of life is a traditional therapeutic system of India with a vast knowledge of preventive care. It is known since ages to propagate the gifts of nature in maintaining a healthy and happy living. You can buy these Ayurvedic supplements and products to enhance power and immunity by visiting the best online medicine delivery app.

  1. Asparagus racemosus which is referred to as the ‘Queen of Herbs’, and commonly known as Shatavari is an extremely beneficial herb for improving the sexual function of both male and female and when taken regularly boosts blood circulation
  2. Ayurveda strongly recommends the intake of a spoonful of Musli, the yellowish-white root-like substance obtained from the Chlorophytum borivilianum every day to enhance sexual appetite and promote sperm count.
  3. Gokshura churna has a promising effect on improving men’s sexual health as it contains spermatogenic properties. It also improves the production of testosterone and helps to treat conditions like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
  4. The ‘Holy Basil’, Tulsi has been extremely beneficial in treating male impotence. Regular intake of seeds increases blood flow and strength in the penile tissue improving overall stamina.
  5. The churn from the roots of Ashwagandha is recognized for its powerful aphrodisiac properties and when taken in adequate dosage reduces mental stress, anxiety, and fatigue promote longevity and treats erectile dysfunction.