Prediabetes : Things you should definitely be aware of!

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Prediabetes is actually the fine line between being healthy and being clinically diagnosed with diabetes. Termed as borderline diabetes, Prediabetes is a common condition in those at the verge of having a type 2 diabetes. Those with prediabetic conditions need to urgently change their lifestyle to not go from prediabetes to diabetes. A person is more likely to get prediabetes if:

  • A person is over 45 years of age. 

  • BMI ranges between 25 to 30 or is over 30, that is a person is overweight

  •  A person does not exercise on a regular basis. 

  •  A person Shows insulin resistance etc. 

Below mentioned are ten facts that you might not know about prediabetes but should definitely be aware of:

Diabetes and prediabetes is different

Diabetes and prediabetes differ in a number of ways. Prediabetes means the  blood sugar level of a person  is higher than the normal range that is 70 to 100, but it is still below the diabetic range which is 126 and higher. A fasting blood glucose level of about  100 to 125 indicates that a person has prediabetes.

Family history can increase the risk 

3MEDS, the best medical store app in India where you can buy prescription drugs online says that there is a significant genetic component associated with prediabetes which means a history of the disease in the family may significantly increase your chances of developing the disease.

Losing weight can lower your risk 

Diabetics have a resistance towards insulin which is known to regulate the blood glucose levels. The more sensitive the body is to insulin, the better is its ability to regulate blood glucose. Being obese or overweight reduces our body's insulin sensitivity.

And so losing the extra weight is one of the best things a person can do to reverse prediabetes.

Exercise can help control prediabetes

Exercise is a big part in the way of reversing prediabetes. Exercise is good for everybody, no matter what, but if a person is prediabetic, it’s especially helpful to get moving. The muscles in our body use up some of the excess blood sugar, which helps a person lose weight and use the insulin the body produces more effectively. 

Prediabetes is usually reversible 

Numerous studies have shown that type 2 diabetes is totally preventable and reversible. It can be reduced to a significant extent by the daily choices we make, as to what we eat, how often we exercise etc. 

Knowing what to eat is important to prevent diabetes 

Vegetables have a lot of fibers to help manage the levels of blood glucose in our system. Also they’re high in vitamins and minerals that help our body work better and effectively towards fighting diabetes.

Once diagnosed with prediabetes, it doesn’t mean that one should stop eating their favorite foods and start to exercise more than they are actually capable of. But to lead  a diabetes free life, it's important to eat healthy and nutritious. 

Stress can significantly increase the risk 

Stress makes a significant increase in blood glucose levels. When a person experiences stress then the  body releases certain hormones like  adrenaline and cortisol in order to counter the feeling of unpleasantness due to stress.

There is an increased rate of blood transportation in our body to provide the muscles and limbs of our body with glucose. Now if this glucose is not converted to ATP (energy) then there is an accumulation of glucose in our bloodstreams leading to prediabetes risk. 

Ignoring prediabetes can be dreadful 

Often people take prediabetes lightly thinking that it's just a phase and can be cured later with treatment. But we always know that ‘prevention is better than cure’. Plus there is no prominent cure for diabetes, there are some surgeries but are not 100% successful for everyone with diabetes. Once the person moves from prediabetes to diabetes, there's no going back. 

Consulting a medical practitioner is important 

It's very important to make sure you work with a doctor to manage your symptoms. In most cases, prediabetes can be managed through nutritional changes and physical activity. But in case of other people, they may benefit from certain prescribed  drugs and medicines to help manage blood sugar levels.

Also it's important to learn how to take your own blood sugar so that you can monitor yourself between visits. To buy all diabetes related medication and Healthcare products online, visit the best health care service provider in India at a maximum of 23% discount. 

Lifestyle changes can help correct prediabetes 

Lifestyle plays a vital role in developing prediabetes and persons diagnosed with prediabetes are basically warned by their bodies to choose a healthier path by incorporating a healthy diet, daily exercise and regular monitoring of blood sugar levels. 


Hence, Proper care and functioning of the body is very essential. If our body will face issues then all other tasks that we have to perform will be delayed. A healthy body is a must, so keep regular updates on your Mental & Physical health by regular tests so that you'll diagnose health issues as early as possible.